Daily tours Patarei+(Discover northwest Estonia

 From the first July we will open daily-tours to northwest Estonia. There are 4 types of different routes with numerous attractions from which the traveller can choose from.Tours take place in small groups beginning from the hotel, harbor or the airport. Price is 80 EUR per person.

The museum is opened again for individual visitors from May 2015. Tours and rent events are available all year round when booked. Contact us!

S.H. professor from Harvard: “More attractive than Alcatraz!“

R.E.  real estate businessman from Melbourne: “On my month-long trip to Europe, this was the most strange and emotional sight”

A.S. journalist from Kiev: “I’ve been to many soviet prisons, but something like this I’ve never seen”

Patarei sea fortress-prison

Patarei is a culture park with rich history offering different opportunities to spend your free time. Discover Patarei with a guided tour or organize your own event in Patarei with the possibility to order prison-catering for your event!

Make your reservation at info@patarei.org. Check for more information under attractions!

Culture Park Patarei presents the history of Patarei sea fortress-prison and also carries out various events throughout the year.


In 1828 Nicholas I of Russia mandated the building of the sea fortress of Patarei. Completed in 1840, it is located on area of 4 hectares (10 acres). Over the years it has had different functions – in 1867 functioning as barracks, in 1920 as a prison and since 2007 as a Culture Park.

This unique 19th century example of Tallinn’s top architecture has now in the 21st century changed from a longtime symbol of repressions to a favorite place for residents of the nation’s capital and visitors, a multifunctional place to spend free time.